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Lunchtime observations

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Jun. 18th, 2009 | 01:24 pm
location: San Francisco
mood: determined
music: Sweet misery, Tiesto

Sitting on the steps of a bank during lunch, which I'll later find out is called Bentley Reserve, I never feel more broke than at that very moment - 1:02pm to be exact. Loads of people and cars going by me. Jaguar, Mercedes, Gucci, Ferragamo, and OMG, is that a Lotus?! Girls with really pretty (and expensive) purses putting my old, discounted Banana Republic bag being held together with a safety pin at the strap to shame. One particularly tan girl with perfectly streaked, blond highlights wears the silver and black strappy Jimmy Choos I tried on at Bloomingdales last Tuesday. (I'm a masochist for always teasing myself by trying on things that I'll never be able to afford.) It's a veritable money jungle I'm sitting in and I feel like a total pauper in my Target brand sunglasses and $9 leggings. And I know all these things are superficial and it's ridiculous of me to place value on any of this but...I don't know how else to feel.
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